For higher education

The university or college experience is looking very different this year.

With online learning the way to go, both students and staff need to be supported whilst on campus but outside of their social norms. This adaptation hasn't gone unnoticed and we're here for you in these difficult times.

Scientifically proven mental health & fitness training

Perfect to help prevent burn out, deal with the stresses and strains of everyday life and restore cognitive fitness.

Unlimited wellbeing content

We personalise and recommend content so that each person sees whats important for them.

Aggregated data & insights

Know the positive impact you’re making, as well as where you could target extra suport.

Personalised sleep courses & webinars

No more glazed over eyes! Better sleep will make your students and staff less stressed, more, focussed and revitalised.

Bespoke launch & effortless onboarding process

We’ll get your students and staff engaging from the very first day. Sit back and relax, we’ll take it from here.

Looking to support the wellbeing of your school?

Our brains are not fully developed until we are around 25 years old. Good cognitive support throughout these years can predict and influence positive outcomes in later life.

The Beingwell platform is for ages 16+ but we have a tool, MyCognition ED, which is specially designed for children aged 4+. 


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