Improve your cognitive fitness,

build mental resilience and improve mental health

Cognitive fitness is the root of all our behaviour and thinking and is directly linked to our mental health.


MyCognition is a key part of the Beingwell family that helps our members to improve their cognitive performance through the MyCognition digital platform.


MyCognition helps us to learn more about how our brain works and enables us to train our brain and strengthen our cognitive fitness, just like we can train our bodies to improve physical fitness

Through the MyCognition platform our members can assess, train and monitor the progress of their cognitive fitness.

Watch the video to learn more about Cognitive fitness

How MyCognition works

MyCognition is a digital platform designed to enhance cognitive fitness through a structured programme of assessment, training and insights.



The assessment process generates a personalised report that explains each individual's performance across the five cognitive domains. Performance improvements are then monitored over time, comparing results from previous assessments. Results and what they mean are explained in clear down to earth language.

Tests are digitally delivered and results scored in each of the five cognitive domains - Processing Speed, Attention, Working Memory, Episodic Memory and Executive Function

Cognitive Training


Training is delivered through a scientifically designed game called AquaSnap, developed to improve cognitive function. The training levels for each 'player' are determined by their individual assessment results. Players are then encouraged to undertake repetitive, and increasingly challenging tasks, with each task designed to target a specific cognitive domain. 

Game based training, scientifically  designed to target and improve the five cognitive domains 

Insights & Coaching


Based on assessment results and the progress made in training, the programme will also help members make informed choices around their overall well-being for example on exercise, nutrition, sleep, and so on.

The Benefits of Beingwell membership

Beingwell membership gives access to the MyCognition online platform which helps to build cognitive fitness and mental resilience:

  • Build stronger cognitive fitness

  • Understand the 5 cognitive domains and their function

  • Save money and time - no need to see a consultant

  • Train at your own convenience

  • Train on any device - smart phone, tablet or computer

  • Helps maintain good mental health

  • Shared benefits of Beingwell Family membership

More from MyCognition

MyCognition also works with organisations, identifying and developing the cognitive fitness of larger groups such as an entire workforce, student body or specific patient groups:

  • MyCognition PRO - Corporate and enterprise, identifying areas of strength and potential improvement

  • MyCognition ED - Training for schools and children of all ages including those with special and additional educational needs

  • MyCognition MED - Cognitive assessment for neurodegenerative and psychiatric conditions

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