• Bernard McMahon

A Unik partnership for the world of sleep

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

We're delighted to share that through The Sleep Geek (one of our renowned sleep experts) we have partnered with UnikBed. We chose to partner with Unikbed because they fervently believe in promoting wellbeing through good sleep. Equally, their positive, evidence-based approach strongly aligns with our brand values of positivity and credibility. For the past 30 years, they have improved customer's sleep by focusing intently on individuality and sleep posture. Their high-quality lifestyle sleep solutions and products are well known and crafted in Finland by Unikulma and we're excited to be able to kit our members out with the best in the business.

"It quickly became clear that they shared my passion for helping people sleep better and that their knowledge around sleep posture, their impressive list of clients, their passion for helping poor sleepers and their commitment to ensuring the claims they make are backed up by independent evidence would make them a great addition to the team of experts that support the poor sleepers, particularly the sports people, I work with.” - James Wilson, The Sleep Geek (Beingwell)

Do the Finns know something we don't?

James is inundated every day with requests for partnerships, and this is the one that caught his eye. His work is heavily based on evidence and experience, and as such his main concern when talking to different brands is that they can give evidence for their claims. Something which UnikBed has nailed time and time again. Finnish people tend to think about sleep a little differently from us. If we thought we had dark winters in the UK, we can think again. Finland has an overwhelming amount of darkness during winter, and also, the opposite during summer. These niche circumstances have forced them to become the most incredible sleep experts. In fact, the Unik team consists of experienced engineers, physiotherapists, and ergonomists who have knowledge about human anatomy, physiology, and sleep ergonomics.

What makes Unik special?

UnikBed offers a service that ensures an individual sleeps on products that offer the best possible sleep posture support. Each product is completely designed around the individual and using only the very best materials. If we take a Unik mattress as an example, each customer is assessed with a sleep posture consultation and bespoke 3D mattress measurement system. The results and information gathered, along with any injury profiles, are used by a sleep physiotherapist, and a sleep engineer, to design and build (by hand in Finland) a mattress specifically designed for the individual. This mattress is then coupled with an Astro ergonomic, adjustable pillow, and SteadyBody bedding to create an environment that is just right for them.

UnikBed and elite performance

Vesa Tuominen of UnikBed has supported the likes of ex Chelsea footballer Mikael Forsell, Formula 1 champion Kimi Raikkonen, London 2012 Gold medal-winning Paralympian Toni Piispanen, and European Tour golfer Mikko Ilonen to improve their sleep quality and recovery. Unik gives an extra dimension to the sleep support Beingwell can offer to organisations, sports teams, and athletes. The new partnership, to be called UnikPerformance, has come about after both parties spent 18 months collaborating on a hugely successful trial with Rotherham United. With the help of The Sleep Geek (James) and Unikbed, they achieved a promotion from League One this season.

Mirja Oketch from UnikBed, comments;

“We at UnikBed are always looking to work with professionals who have the same commitment as us to help people get better sleep. James’ high profile as one of the UK’s leading sleep expert coupled with his drive to educate sleepers to have a sleep environment that works for them makes him a perfect partner to work with. These are especially important skills when working with Elite Athletes and Organisations.”


This exciting partnership with UnikBed has become an important part of the services that we offer the sports teams, governing bodies, and athletes we work with. It also means we now have the most comprehensive sleep support package available in sport - another reason to celebrate! Other sleep support we give includes:

  • Sleep Seminars & Webinars for Senior & Junior Athletes and Support Staff

  • One to One Sleep Support for Athletes and their Family/Support Staff

  • Sleep Staging for International Training and Competition with our Chronobiologist

  • Sleep Apnoea Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment

  • An Embedded Service that gives All of the Above Over a Season/Year for a Sports Team/Governing Body

We look forward to helping you sleep better and get to where you want to be.

To learn more about Beingwell and the services we offer, follow the link to the 'Helping minds to shine' blog here