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  • Natalie Collins

Beingwell - not just another 'wellbeing' initiative

Wellbeing has become quite the buzzword over the past few years. Wherever we look there seems to be a tonne of contradictory advice on something that should be (relatively) simple: our wellbeing. From juice cleanses to vaginal steaming and activated charcoal consumption, the internet is awash with different trends which promise to help you feel better. The issue is that so many of these wellness trends promote contradicting, one-size-fits-all approaches, which lack any scientific evidence. This makes taking care of our wellbeing feel like a confusing, complicated (and even expensive) task.

In the face of wellbeing-information overwhelm, we give up, put on our pj’s, let our eyes gloss over the Netflix screen and gorge on delicious chocolate (because we once read somewhere that it’s good for us!?)- and who can blame us. It’s exhausting. Looking after your wellbeing shouldn’t feel like a full-time job.

We agree, being well can (and should) be accessible, affordable, and scientifically sound. This is the ethos behind Beingwell. We believe wellbeing should start with the needs of the individual person, not set unattainable fitness goals, nor prescribe impossible ‘clean-eating’ regimes. Instead, all our members begin their Beingwell journey by setting a personal aim; whether that is feeling more positive or improving sleep quality. We start off with a lifestyle questionnaire, which looks at the five areas key to maintaining overall wellbeing; sleep, thought, eating, movement, and coping mechanisms. This questionnaire forms the foundation for how we tailor our content, tools and resources to support our members to realize their personal wellbeing aims.

We believe individuals are the experts on their own personal wellbeing, we simply use our expertise to support people to lead healthier, happier lives. This means our members have access to the most relevant, engaging and informative content for them; from the NHS-approved digital mental health app MyCognition, to expert, tailored, sleep advice in the form of KipAdvisor. These tools are proven to support people to live a healthier life.

Beingwell isn’t just another wellbeing initiative- we’re not sitting on the high-ground of moral virtue, espousing 10-easy-steps to a perfect life- we’re offering accessible and inclusive expertise which can help each of us on our personal wellbeing journey. Developing good wellbeing takes time, daily practice and a willingness to embrace the imperfection in the process (just the same as developing a rock-hard six-pack, or so they tell me…).

Interested in finding out more about how Beingwell can support you or your staff to live your best life? Get in touch with us at:


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