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Helping minds to shine

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

The Beingwell Family exists to give its members access to digital platforms that can improve their wellbeing and in particular their mental wellbeing

Our mental health is equally as important as our physical health and it is probably fair to say that most of us understand this.

And yet, it is also likely that most of us don't have easy access to facilities that can really benefit our mental wellbeing, let alone understand how our brains actually work and what we need do to in order give our brains the best chance of working as effectively as possible.

It is exactly that conundrum that led to the creation of the Beingwell Family. Where we are bringing together in one convenient place, access to expertise and online facilities that can help our members learn how to look after their mental health.

We are excited to announce the first members of the Beingwell Family that together, will make it easier for our members to take control of their mental wellbeing. They are, in no particular order:

MyCognition - to help us understand the 5 cognitive domains of our brain and provide the tools to help us assess our cognitive strength and to help us train our brains to build our cognitive fitness. Learn more about MyCognition here.

The Sleep Geek - to help those of us who suffer with poor sleep to find ways of achieving regular and good quality sleep through changes to our behaviour, routine and sleep environment. Learn more about The Sleep Geek here.

The Beingwell Family is available to individuals looking to take control of their mental health and also to organisations who are looking to understand and improve the mental wellbeing of their workforce.

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