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  • Natalie Collins

James on The One Show - expert advice for sleeping in the heat!

We're proud to see our resident sleep expert, James Wilson, invited onto The One Show to help the nation manage sleeping in hot (if not dry) weather. James was in Bridlington on holiday with his family when he was asked to make this special guest appearance- What a legend (although we're not sure Mrs Sleep Geek felt the same). Take a look here at how he got on:

"Going to bed with soggy j-cloths isn't going to help in this heat."

Top tip: Try filling a hot water bottle with warm water and popping your feet on it about an hour before bed. It will help your body temperature drop and get you of to zzz!

Want some more tips on how to get a good night’s kip? Check out James's piece on 'Sweet dreams: can chocolate help us sleep better?'

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