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Meet Bernard: our founder & CEO

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

For those who don’t already know him, meet our fabulous founder and CEO - Bernard McMahon.⁣ Bernard is probably the most glass half full person you are likely to meet and the kind of CEO who calls you up on a Friday afternoon just to tell you you’re doing a great job and to enjoy your weekend. ⁣We can’t quite say just how refreshing this energy and leadership is and we can’t wait to share his wisdom with you all!

So Bernard, what made you want to start a wellbeing company?

I have seen the damage that poor mental health and sleep causes and I am passionate about doing something that will make an impact. I founded BeingWell, and along with like-minded people, I seek to bring together great products and services all of which are rooted in good science, often approved by the NHS, yet are engaging, educational and even entertaining. Improving health and wellbeing is a serious subject but many of the tools to support it should be accessible to everyone, easily and affordably.

Tell us about your journey to becoming Beingwell's CEO?

I have 45 years of experience in founding and building companies. Since 2006 I have worked with health and technology start-ups enabling early revenues and routes to profitability. In recent years I have worked with a team seeking great innovations in medical technology, health and wellbeing, commercialising and making them available through international markets. This is how I recognised the opportunity to create Being Well Group and become focussed on developing the unified platform that we call the Beingwell Family.

What excites you most about Beingwell's vision?

Working with a team of skilled people who have a shared desire to make a positive impact on everyday lives.

Let’s learn a bit more about you! What are you up to outside of work hours?

I love to spend time with family and friends, often out of doors. My lifelong passion is photography through which I relax and recharge my creativity.

What advice would you give to those considering starting a company?

Think about what inspires you to devote a lot of time to pursue, and ask lots of questions of people who have started companies before you. Be adaptable and open-minded to opportunities as they come along. Don't be afraid to make mistakes or ask for help.

How has your business adapted throughout the Covid-19 pandemic?

We have adapted to the changing world using internet communications and building relationships often without ever meeting face to face. While making plans we have remained flexible and seized new opportunities that are helping to accelerate the work in Beingwell.

What's your personal motto?

Be Positive, Patient and Persistent.

Thanks for the good vibes Bernard! ⁣


Want to meet more of the Beingwell team? Martina, one of our amazing cognitive scientists, was recognised as an inspirational woman by womenintech. Check it out here.

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