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“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish”

- Michelle Obama. Today we're celebrating International Women's Day, which means appreciating (even more than we usually do) all of the inspirational women pushing science and wellbeing forward!

We thought we'd catch up with some of our team members to see what celebrating women means to them:

Kelly and Grace, why do you think celebrating international women's day is important?

"I was once asked to make the tea in a Management meeting as the Office PA was off sick and I was the only woman in the room. Now, whilst we have made great progress since then and I am often no longer the only woman in the room, women still have quite a way to go achieve equal acknowledgement across the board.

We do need to acknowledge how far women have come, my son was astounded in a recent homeschooling social history lesson to learn that women were not allowed mortgages in their own name until the 1970s, ‘Why not?’ was his response and that’s what it needs to be. We have some truly inspiring women who have made huge advances in such a short time and we do need to celebrate this. A bedtime story of choice in our house is often ‘Rebel Girls’ (balanced by ‘Rebel Boys’!), but we need to keep moving forwards to teach future generations to keep questioning the traditional gender structures to achieve the best in life we need to have compassion and respect and to support each other as individuals regardless of sex."

- Kelly Ellis, VP Commercial Operations

“Celebrating International Women’s Day is so important because each of us have so many inspiring qualities and abilities that it would be rude not too! As for the Beingwell team, it’s so lovely to be able to work with a team of strong-minded women who empower each other so much!”

- Grace McMahon, Life Coach

Anna and Martina, how do you find the inclusivity at Beingwell?

"Beingwell is like a family, which would not exist without differences in aspects of identity like age and gender. Our multidimensional team, that values each and every member for their unique identity, is the definition of inclusivity and I feel very lucky to be part of it!"

- Anna Sandford-James, Psychologist "Within the Beingwell team it does not matter what your gender is, our value is recognised as human beings with individual differences that make us unique. I am proud of being part of a vibrant team of women who bring diversity and creative thinking within our company, valuing everyone's both strengths and weaknesses. Not being perfect is our secret ingredient for being special...and for being well."

- Martina Ratto, Cognitive Scientist

Laura and Helena, how important do you think it is for women to inspire other women?

Some roles, such as finance, are still largely male heavy so I think something such as mentoring is really important. When I was 11, an accountant came and gave a talk at my school and she was incredible. I was driven to this career because of her!

- Laura McMahon, Group Administration Manager

I think it's so important to have other women as role models as it really gives you a push to do things you wouldn't otherwise necessarily have the confidence to do. From applying for a job in the first place, to public speaking, or anything else that might seem scary - seeing other women that have done it before you can make all the difference. - Helena Below, Head of Engagement

Anna, how do you want to inspire other women?

I'd like to push women to believe in their ability to gain respect for whatever they do. Belief is contagious!

- Anna Sandford-James, Psychologist

And last, but definitely not least, Sam, who has inspired you in gender equality?

"I was lucky enough to hear Stacey Copeland talk at TEDx Manchester on why gender should never be a barrier to human potential. She flies the flag high for women all over the world and I’d highly recommend listening to her talk here.

- Sam Ntatalika, Content Development Specialist

Thanks to all the Beingwell women, and women all over the world, for all you do!


If you'd like to learn more about our team, check out this blog about Martina who was recently recognised as an inspirational woman here.


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