Helping people to better understand mental health 

The Beingwell Family specialise in mental wellness, promoting openness towards mental health through better understanding, regular monitoring and healthy practices.


TranQuality helps individuals and organisations become more aware of their mental wellbeing through an online assessment programme. 

Complete the medically validated questionnaires and see your scores relative to Depression and Anxiety and understand what they mean

Making mental health assessments something everyone can do

The TranQuality Assessment Programme (TAP) makes mental health assessments easily accessible to everyone.


By combining clinical questionnaires that measure depression and anxiety with individual profiling information, Beingwell members will gain a deeper understanding of their mental health


Members may want to be more aware of what's going on in their brain and learn how to look after it better. Or they may suffer (or know someone who suffers) from poor mental health.


Either way the Tranquality Assessment Programme (TAP) provides a valuable insight into how our brains are performing and helps members to stay focussed on their mental wellbeing.

Is it right for me?

TranQuality is for individuals and organisations who want to gain a deeper insight into their mental health and who want to be able to regularly monitor mental health without the need to engage a health care professional.

If you are an organisation looking to understand the impact of poor mental health and to improve mental wellbeing in the workplace contact the Beingwell corporate team here.

The Benefits of Beingwell membership

Beingwell membership gives access to the following TranQuality benefits:

  • Online TranQuality Assessment Programme (TAP)

  • Regular mental health self monitoring

  • Clinically validated Anxiety and Depression scores

  • Profile builder to make assessments more personal

  • Track and analyse your mental health state over time

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your mental health

More from TranQuality

In addition to the online features from TranQuality, Beingwell members can also access additional mental health assessment techniques to gain a more in-depth, objective insight into their mental health:

  • QEEG brain mapping

  • Neuroscientific objective analysis and results feedback

  • One-to-one Life Coach sessions

The Beingwell family mission is to improve mental health and wellbeing but sadly poor mental health is proving to be the single biggest health risk worldwide and even more so as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Mental illness is a fact of life and Beingwell Members who are suffering or who are close to those who suffer from poor mental health, can also access treatment for Anxiety and Depression provided by TranQuality 

  • QEEG results analysis

  • tTMS drug free treatment for Depression & Anxiety

  • Counselling and talking therapy advice 

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