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Fun and effective wellbeing delivered digitally

In short each of us has one thousand and one things going on, no two people are the same and the help required to live well will differ from person to person. We believe in being proactive, the Beingwell workplace wellbeing platform is a toolbox for better wellbeing.

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Our tools, designed by experts and scientifically proven to work, are designed to empower your employees to look after their own wellbeing to live better and to prevent people from needing much support.

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Beingwell is designed to work as a yearly subscription

Throughout the year your employees will have access to our exclusive tools to help them educate themselves, learn new skills and techniques to improve their wellbeing as well as fun company wide or departmental challenges which help to boost camaraderie and boost their mood at the same time.

We're ready to welcome you to a whole new world of wellbeing.

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A clear view of your employees' wellbeing

Each of your employees will have their own wellometer on the platform. They’ll be asked to fill out a short questionnaire to assess the areas of wellbeing they’re thriving in and where there is room for improvement. Then, their personalised wellometer will direct them to the right tools to improve their wellbeing.


All information provided by our members is confidential, but you will receive a company wellometer report which shows the average score in each of the different categories. This company wellometer will show key areas for improvement and help to guide you through our selection of company wide incentives.

Together and alone we can improve wellbeing

Bob’s personal wellometer flags that sleep is an area he’s struggling with, the platform will direct him to the Sleepingwell tools first such as KipAdvisor to use on his own to work on his sleep.

But if your company wellometer shows that Bob isn’t alone and sleep is an issue throughout your company there are also a selection of webinars and live events you can use to tackle sleep company-wide.

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More about Beingwell

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Improve mental health in the workplace through awareness, education and support.

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Bring your people together and boost mood through 26 minutes of movement everyone can do.

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Food does more than just fuel us, it can also affect our mood and ability to think clearly.

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Building stronger mental resilience, improving performance and helping employees to manage stress.

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Poor sleep means lost revenue. We help your workforce to get a better night’s sleep.

Bringing people together, virtually

We know that better wellbeing comes from better relationships with people. Building relationships with remote and in office colleagues is important, some of our tools do more than just what it says on the tin.

One of our tools is the buddyboost app in Movingwell. It has a community feed where your team can share pictures and motivational stories with each other throughout the challenge. Throughout the year-long subscription you’d usually do a buddyboost challenge every quarter.

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After a short while on our platform we will look for the most active employees in your organisation to become your Beingwell Champions, those who are naturally engaged and enthusiastic about supporting their co-workers wellbeing.

Beingwell Champions

Champions promote the use of Beingwell's expert tools and resources in their team's internal comms, at the office water cooler, via post-it-notes, screamed from the rooftops, however you like really (well maybe not that last one).


Inclusive for everyone

Eatingwell will include recipes for those who don’t eat meat, can’t stomach lactose or gluten and unlike many other physical wellness tools, our approach is to never exclude those who aren’t already active. Physical, mental or any other disability shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the tools that Beingwell has to offer.

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Supporting more than just your employees

Saving the best for last, one of our favourite features of Beingwell is that we don’t just support your employees, we know that better wellbeing is easier to achieve when you have the support of those at home. So, with every employee licence we also include 4 free friends and family licences for your employees to share with their friends and family at home.

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