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Our mission to support millions of people to live a little better every day

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Who are we?

A family of neuroscientists, behavioural experts, wellbeing warriors and life coaches united by Beingwell's shared mission. And we reckon it’s about time we share our expertise with our extended family: the world.

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Our team

We’re positive, forward-thinking, compassionate and most importantly, humble. We’re motivated every day by the purpose of what we do, and the people we work with. We get a lot done but always with a bit of banter on the side. In other words... we don’t bite.


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Bernard McMahon


Be Positive, Patient and Persistent.


The kind of CEO who calls you up on a Friday afternoon just to tell you you’re doing a great job and to enjoy your weekend.


Eddie Dodds

Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer

Do the right thing….then do the thing right!


Driven by an altruistic mindset, Eddie’s determined to make a difference to the wellbeing of people all around the world.

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Grace McMahon

Lead Life Coach

You do you.


Ever since battling her own mental health struggles as a young person, Grace has been driven to provide mental health support to those who need it.


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Martina Ratto

Lead Cognitive Scientist

Whatever you are, be a good one.


What does a cognitive scientist look like? ⁣An infectiously positive, kind, warm, smiley Wonder Woman!


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Allan Steers

Creative director

A bad day on the water is still better than a good day on Zoom.

Allan is fiercely positive and a creative genius. It would be hard to get on the wrong side of him - we’re not sure it exists!


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Laura McMahon

Group Administration Manager

Act confident and no one will question you.

Laura is a stickler for detail and loves numbers and organisation. You can always trust that she’s one step ahead of everything, which keeps us all in line!

We’re a growing family. If you’re fuelled by purpose and have a passion for wellbeing, find out more about joining our team.

All your wellbeing in one place

We're a growing wellbeing family, and we have dedicated our careers to understanding what we need to eat well, sleep well, think well, cope well & be well.

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Building stronger mental resilience, improving performance and helping employees to manage stress.

Employee wellbeing Beingwell -movingwell.png


Bring your people together and boost mood through 26 minutes of movement everyone can do.

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Food does more than just fuel us, it can also affect our mood and ability to think clearly.

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