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Sleepingwell means increased energy, better relationships and more emotional resilience

We’ve all been there - the harder we try to get to sleep, the longer it actually takes to doze off! Why is this? Sleep is an interesting one as it’s essential to our health and wellbeing, but, unlike exercise or nutrition, it cannot be forced.

If we really understand our sleep habits, the type of sleeper we are, our mindset before bed, and the environment we choose to sleep in, then we can take a lot of the stress out of getting a good night's kip… and ultimately doze off quicker.


Bringing together the best

One of our co-founders, James Wilson, known as The Sleep Geek, alongside other renowned sleep experts, have pulled together a range of solutions in the Beingwell platform that are designed to help everyone sleep better.

We can finally say goodbye to a late night sleep SOS and hello to a blissful slumber. No pills, no meditations, just simple and effective advice.


How will we help you sleep better?

Through the Beingwell platform you'll have full access to our unique tools

Complete Sleep Webinar Series

They are split up into easily digestible chunks that can be viewed whenever suits us best. The webinars will help to shed light on:

• The sleep truths that underpin our sleep
• How sleep impacts work culture
• The sleep cycle and what happens during the night
• How to create the right sleep environment and opportunities
• How to relax and create a mindset change


KipAdvisor, our guided online learning tool

Designed to understand ourselves as individuals. It will take us on a journey of understanding our own sleep and help us to create our own sleep plan that takes into account our sleep need, our sleep type, and the life we lead (don’t worry, this will all make sense very soon).

Proud to be leaders in sleep apnoea diagnosis & treatment

Sleep apnoea is a potentially life-threatening sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. If you snore loudly and feel exhausted throughout the day, you may well have it. Our expert, Mark McEnroe established the first-ever remote sleep apnoea service in Europe and brings years of experience in treating Sleep Apnoea.

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Meet our Sleepingwell experts:

Find out more about our specialist sleep team who are the driving force behind this amazing part of Beingwell.

Mark McEnroe

Head of Sleep Medicine

Trusted by the best

Our Sleep Geek has been recognised by:

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Some of our recent sleep breakthroughs:

Debbie Kleiner Head of Workplace Wellbeing PES Health

“I selected James to help me deliver a wellbeing week for the Prime Ministers Office (PMO) in Dubai... He is very experienced and his passion for the subject comes across in his delivery. Everyone benefited from his workshop and the one to ones he offered. I'd highly recommend him”

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