In need of a better night's sleep?

We'll help you to take the stress out of sleep

Sleep is the elixir of life, the manna from heaven, it impacts on every bit of us. If we could take a pill that would mean we:


⚡  Have more energy

💪  Be physically stronger

🙌  Be more emotionally resilient

🤝  Improve our relationships


Would we take it? Of course, we would and that’s what getting the sleep we need does for us.


Bringing together the best

Do you ever feel like the harder you try to get to sleep, the longer it takes to doze off? Sleep is an interesting one, as, unlike exercise and nutrition, it cannot be forced.


One of our co-founders, James Wilson, sometimes known as The Sleep Geek, alongside other renowned sleep experts, have pulled together a range of solutions in the Beingwell platform that are designed to help everyone sleep better.


Want to improve your sleep?


We'll help you to get better sleep in the long term, not just tonight.

Through the Beingwell platform you'll have full access to our bespoke sleep improvement solutions. These include:


Kip Advisor, our online sleep tool

Explains the simple science behind sleep, helps us apply that science to ourselves and explores the changes we can make to our behaviours, mindset and environment to get better sleep. 

It’s delivered in a kind compassionate way, and most importantly it stops us trying so hard, helps us relax and takes the stress out of sleep.

Complete Sleep Webinar Series

  • Understand who you are as a sleeper

  • Apply suggestions and techniques on changing your behaviours, your mindset and your sleep environment​

  • Get your personalised sleep plan to take you to straight to some better nights sleep

  • No pills, no meditations, just simple and effective advice.

Proud to be leaders in sleep apnoea diagnosis & treatment

Sleep apnoea is a potentially life-threatening sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. If you snore loudly and feel exhausted throughout the day, you may well have it. Our expert, Mark McEnroe established the first-ever remote sleep apnoea service in Europe and brings years of experience in treating Sleep Apnoea.

Get in contact with our Sleep Apnoea expert

Meet some of the experts behind Sleepingwell:

James Wilson

Co-founder & Sleep Practitioner

Mark McEnroe

Head of Sleep Medicine

Trusted by the best

Our Sleep Geek has been recognised by:

Some of our recent sleep breakthroughs:

Client who had chronic sleep issues

“...5 nights of sleep now! After over three years of no sleep, this is literally a miracle for me. You are the God of Sleep!”

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