What's inside your mind?

Be prepared to meet your superpower: cognition

Cognition is the part of our minds which controls thought processes and manages stress levels and emotions.


The Beingwell platform will not only teach you all about your brain, but help to train the areas where you have the biggest opportunity for improvement - so you can:

🧠   Boost your mental health

😊   Manage your stress levels

💡   Improve your resilience

🙇   Support your immune system

💭   Control your emotions


We could all do with a boost right now

With so much to deal with, our minds can often take a hit. If you're working from home and finding it harder to stay focused, have creative thoughts or be productive - you're not alone. The good news is that just like working out physically, we can work out mentally - no need for pills or extreme interventions.


Which is where our digital brain training solutions come in.


Together, let's take our brains to the next level

Through the Beingwell platform you'll have full access to our unique brain training solutions. We'll help you to:


1 - Understand and assess your brain

Our cognitive assessment app, MyCognition, will show you a current picture, and past history, of your brainpower. You'll be able to see how your mind is doing and monitor your progress over time. Sounds like magic? That’s science for you.

2 - Train the areas with the most room for improvement

Our active mindfulness programme, AquaSnap, targets and trains specific parts of your brain without you even realising it. 

This personalised training app is synchronised with your MyCognition assessment scores so that you receive training that's unique to you.

3 - Learn healthy habits to improve your wellbeing

Simple routines in your everyday life can have a big impact on your mental wellbeing. Our series of online courses, Healthy Habits, will reveal exactly what practices you could easily build into your routine, as well as how and why they'll benefit you.

Meet some of the experts behind Thinkingwell:

Keiron Sparrowhawk

Lead neuroscientist and Senior VP Research & Development

Martina Ratto

Lead Cognitive Scientist

Anna Sandford-James

Psychologist & Cognitive Decline Product Manager

Trusted by the best

Our cognition programmes have been recognised by:

Scientifically proven to enhance your wellbeing

Michael Cole-Fontayn, Chairman EMEA BNY Mellon.

“Our employee health initiative, runs multiple events every year, but the response to use MyCognition's MyCQ assessment has been the biggest we’ve ever had. It clearly shows how interested our employees are in their brain health”

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