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Roll out the Beingwell benefit and make a tangible impact on your team's mental health, sleep, physical health and much more.


For small & large

It's been a difficult year for everyone. Our individual memberships are coming soon. Register your interest to get our free COVID toolkit in the meantime.

For you & your family

Both students and staff need more support than ever as COVID-19 puts a significant strain on mental health. We're here for you in these difficult times.

For universities & colleges

Wondering what to try next to make up those marginal gains? We're proud to have the most comprehensive sleep support package available in sport.

For sports professionals

Meet your own wellometer

Wellbeing is all about balance. To help you on your way, Beingwell experts will recommend courses, tools and content to suit you best. You'll also be able to keep track of your success in your very own wellometer. Enjoy boundless:​​

💤   Sleep help

🧠   Brain fitness training

💡   Mental health support

🥑   Nutritional advice

🏆   Physical health motivation


Tools you can trust

We work with leading experts. You can be confident that everything we present has a lot of evidence behind it. In fact, tools of ours are:

• Trusted by over 25,000 users, across 7 countries
• Rigorously evidence-based, with over 7 years of research
• Medically accredited and NHS approved 


Want to try it for yourself?

Specialists on tap

Whether you’re a HR manager wanting to support your team, a parent wondering if you’re getting it right, or young adult managing your emotions, we can help.


There are no long waiting lists to hear expert advice and no crazy prices either. Enjoy live events, blogs, videos, webinars, and much more from our experts.

Our mission is to enable millions of people to live their everyday personal best.
Meet our founders and discover why they set up Beingwell:

Why we do what we do

Where have I seen you before?

Our experts have been busy...

Debbie Kleiner, Head of Workplace Wellbeing, PES Health

“I selected James to help me deliver a wellbeing week for the Prime Ministers Office (PMO) in Dubai... He is very experienced and his passion for the subject comes across in his delivery. Everyone benefited from his workshop and the one to ones he offered. I'd highly recommend him.”

EVERY body can be a fit body!

There’s quite likely been a time in every gleaming, suave, and buff fitness fanatic’s life when they’ve felt self-conscious whilst...

Beingwell - not just another 'wellbeing' initiative

Wellbeing has become quite the buzzword over the past few years. Wherever we look there seems to be a tonne of contradictory advice on...

Why do we find uncertainty uncomfortable?

The biggest myth in life is security. Life is, annoyingly, full of uncertainty especially during a worldwide pandemic. It’s been said...

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