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We make it simple to provide fun and meaningful wellbeing for employees

We know that living well is bigger than a free-fruit Friday. We focus on all of the challenges of everyday life and not just one area. Beingwell is a toolbox to equip your employees with the tools to combat - sleep, diet, mental wellbeing and physical health. In simple terms Beingwell is all about helping people to live a little bit better every day.

Whether your organisation is large or small, you can't do much better by your people, or your company, than investing in tools that are scientifically proven to improve their wellbeing.

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Beingwell is one of the most engaging wellbeing tools

We quantify your ROI by member minutes

Simply how much time did your employees spend on their wellbeing each month.

*ROI: Return of investment

Unlike others we’re able to tell you your exact ROI

We can tell you the monthly average, weekly average or even the total time spent on wellbeing by your office over the course of a year.


of our members would recommend Beingwell

Your ROI is just as important to us, as it is you

We will work with you to ensure you get the best out of your membership, our support doesn’t end once you’re set up. We’re there to make sure you’re getting the most out of the tools available to you. From introducing you to new additions to the Beingwell toolbox to a quick Zoom on how to get the most out of Movingwell.

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Your people are your organisation's key asset. Their performance is your company's performance

Improving wellbeing, in a targeted way can help you improve your workforce. If your company wellometer shows that sleep is a problem for 25% of your employees you can schedule a sleep webinar, or seminar, and help them to get better sleep.

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Content that doesn’t go stale

Isn’t it annoying when you buy something and it falls forgotten to the back of a cupboard somewhere? With Beingwell we won’t let that happen. We’re committed to helping your employees live better. Beingwell doesn’t just get set up and then left to you, our team helps you to boost engagement from Beingwell Champions to quarterly buddyboost challenges which build camaraderie.

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So what is in the Beingwell toolbox?


It’s time to talk

Stress, challenging and difficult situations are inevitable in life. Coping well with difficult times takes work. Copingwell not only gives your team the tools they need to navigate challenging situations but we’re also there for your employees with our monthly Time to Talk live Q&A. Supporting each other to cope with difficult times. It’s lunch & learn for the digitial age, a little more bring your own lunch and a lot more learning about our own personal wellbeing.

Helping organisations improve mental health in the work place through awareness, education and support.

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Wellbeing designed by experts approved by medics

Our tools at Beingwell are the result of years of research, expert input, and our own experiences with wellbeing. Many of our tools are medically accredited and, where possible, NHS approved.

Our whole team, or family, is passionate about wellbeing and helping people live a little bit better every day. While Beingwell wouldn’t be possible without all of them it’s our experts who are the science behind our tools they include:

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Grace McMahon

Chief Life coach

Grace is a certified and accredited Life Coach, with a background in education, psychology, and counseling. She is now devoted to supporting others to understand their mental health and wellbeing and to support these individuals in applying the tools and techniques available to themselves.

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At Beingwell we work with all organisations large and small.

Find out more about the cost of investing in employee wellbeing.

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Customer feedback

Debbie Kleiner, Head of Workplace Wellbeing, PES Health

“I selected James to help me deliver a wellbeing week for the Prime Ministers Office (PMO) in Dubai... He is very experienced and his passion for the subject comes across in his delivery. Everyone benefited from his workshop and the one to ones he offered. I'd highly recommend him.”

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