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Martina Ratto recognised as an inspirational woman

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

We couldn't be prouder that Martina has been recognised as an inspirational woman in tech! Martina is a leading cognitive scientist at one of Beingwell's core digital therapeutic solutions, MyCognition. Her work at MyCognition has been crucial in transforming a highly scientific proposition into a digital solution that makes sense to, and helps, a wide range of demographics. This work has already helped to improve the quality of life for over 25000 people across 7 countries - so thank you, Martina.

Martina envisioned "technology being key for cognitive research, allowing us to better model, measure, interpret, and enhance the functioning of our mind.". She realized this vision in her dedication to MyCognition. Her work is driven by the belief that a healthy cognition can help to enhance every aspect of your life, and that the world can truly be changed one mind at a time.

WeAreTechWomen supports and raises the profile of women working in tech through conferences, awards, webinars, and resources. We are delighted that they have featured Martina as an Inspirational woman:

"Martina is a cognitive scientist with application in real world settings such education and business. She has used her skills in both further education and corporate training.
Martina now manages research projects for MyCognition, in clinical, education, corporate and local community settings worldwide. She also ensures that cognitive science feeds into all the company’s activities. Martina has collaborated on projects with the Laboratory of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences at University of Genoa, IT. She is also the co-author of several international scientific publications on cognition...."

Read on to learn more about her journey, challenges, and achievements here.

Congratulations from the Beingwell family Martina!

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