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  • Natalie Collins

Introducing Jenny, the Lunchbox Doctor

Beingwell are over-the-moon, watermelon sugar high, OTT, excited to be working with nutrition expert Jenny Tschiesche. You might have seen Jenny on the telly, heard her on the radio, or bought one of her cookery books. Known as the Lunchbox Doctor, Jenny is a BANT registered nutritionist, best-selling author, and nutrition workshop facilitator.

But enough from us, we'll leave it to Jenny to tell us more:

"Jenny has been delivering nutrition workshops with SportsAid athletes and their parents for many years... Our athletes say it is the most valuable session of the day and Jenny's knowledge and enthusiasm makes it engaging and informative. She has also worked with several of our corporate partners to educate their staff and provide personal nutritional advice and plans.” Graham Dandy, SportsAid

A note from Beingwell: If your organisation would like Jenny to deliver a workshop, or want to find out more about the many ways she can help your employees to eat better, pop us an email

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